Valuing Your Toys (The Right Way)

So do you know how much your toy collection is worth? Have you gone online to check current retail prices? While streaming through auction sites to check how much your toys sell for may be a good idea, due to the fluctuating nature of the market it may be wiser to find a standard or a benchmark to valuing your toys. The best way thus I recommend is purchasing a priceguide for your toys. Most of these books can be purchased on All you have to do is scroll down to "books" next to the search box and enter "toy prices." There are several books that cover many of the basic actionfigures and playsets released since the 1980s. Some date back even further. The reason why I recommend this approach is because these books provide a basic guideline to how much you should expect your toy to be bought or sold. Like purchasing a price guide to baseball cards, this method is the most convenient to pricing toys.

This method also allows you to price things your way! Do you think that there is a low number of stock available of your toy online that you can charge a premium? Go for it! On the other hand do you think that the toy you bought decades ago are too available? Then try bringing down the price a little. You definately do not need to follow this approach since it is your toy that you are selling, not someone else's that you may be brokering or selling on behalf of. So have fun with the idea but be certain to how much your toy is worth.

You can even carry these little paperback guides around town as you shop through different garage sales. Quickly flipping through the pages to find the right product that you have come across may help you find a deal and be able to buy something for a bargain. Sometimes you may run into retail stores that have products for sale! Usually they'll post the original price crossed out but some other retail stores may not practice this method of displaying discounts at all.

There are plenty of toy hunters out there that can definately use this methodology. Knowing the price gives you an edge when bargaining on a price and the opportunity to find deals of a lifetime. Who knows, you may run into a holy grail piece that a book may have listed that others have no clue to what the value might be.

Many books are specific to the kinds of toys they specialize in. There are books on Matchbox and HotWheel cars, action figures ranging from Star Wars to GI JOE, and of course books the focus exclusively on Legos. I myself have bought a guide to the Star Wars Lego Minifigures and have managed to find some deals that many have not yet noticed. You can pick up on things that others may have missed if you have a guide handy.

So get out there, get a book, and get back to hunting!

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