The Pleasures of Doing Business

It has been a terrible couple of years since the first discovery of the COVID19 virus. Many stores have shut down and as of September 30th of 2020 here in South Korea, the United States Congress are meeting over lifting the debt ceiling, and real estate prices have been hiked up to nosebleed levels.

With almost no opportunity to make money in traditional investment vehicles such as stocks, bonds, and treasuries, people are turning to new ventures such as cryptocurrencies or forgoing financial instruments to invest in alternatives like coins, stamps, and collectibles.

I am not certain how much longer this epidemic will last. Surely vaccination rates are going up but the cases seem to climb higher with it with the new delta varient causing ever so much trouble.

Heirlooms & Trophies has decided to stay local, and will be implementing a Garage Sale of sorts to sort out the accumulated inventory over the years. Toys, comics, and cards of all kinds will be sold at a discount but there is a catch, you have to physically be here!

We are sorry but shipping prices have risen from our local post office, where they have stated that they no longer post rates based on weight alone but by the size of the box as well! How ridiculous is that? So a normal 39.99 USD shipping rate to ship a Tobot overseas now costs around 120.00 USD.

You can see where the trouble with all this lies...its the system.

We are sorry but we will continue to postpone posting toys online for sale...

If you are located in Seoul's Seocho Gu District area and would like to know about our liquidiation sales that will be held at a residence, please email me at with the TITLE OF THE EMAIL AS : Heirlooms&Trophies Garage Sale.

We will be operating during the weekends that do not rain, and will eventually stop when we have run out of goods to sell.

Due to the pandemic we are also selling glassware, electronics, used Big Size men's clothing, and books.


The Garage sale is expected to be open in the second or third week of this December 2021.



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