The Original Toy Hunter Tips


1. Collect what you love

2. Get out there and never stop looking

3. Do research - internet/auctions/forums

4. Look at the franchise toys are connected to

5. Packaging is everything

There you have it, 5 important tips from the original toy hunter himself: Jordan Hembrough of the Travel Channel. The series didn't last very long, but boy were they fun to watch. The show "Toy Hunter" starring Jordan took you through his day to day journey to find hidden gems inside people's houses, flea markets, auctions, garage sales, and even the hidden backroom of retail stores where they keep all the goodies.

I watched most of the episodes myself and I hope they come out with another season down the long run. I would love to be able to identify holy grail toys and buy them at a discount where I too can make a profit by turning them around and selling them, but I've got lots to learn. Currently I am collecting and storing modern toys from Korea. These toy lines include Tobot (또봇), Biklonz (바이크론즈), and Beast Guardians (비스트가디언). Not to exclude Japanese-Korean releases such as the Dino Charge Power Rangers and of course the infamous BeyBlades. I hope that as my collection grows and I age older down the line, I can open a toy museum dedicated to the toys of the 2010s and possibly extending to the 2020s.

Any toy can become vintage if you age with it, and many collectors have storage rooms of goods that they have hidden away somewhere in their neighborhood. Maybe you too can start ammasing large quanitities of toys that you can share with your children or their children once you become of age.

Toys seem to be the most valuable of antiques below art and automobiles and their popularity is just growing in this generation. It seems that pop culture today includes gaming and toys and not just music and ragged clothes.

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