The End Of Big Retail

In March Toys R Us announced that it would be liquidating all of its stores in the United States. Some pop up stores are to be available throughout Asia and other countries. So with the shut down of the biggest toy retail store of America, my question is, where are you going to buy your toys?

I've been to a couple vintage toy stores in America, and I have to say I'm not impressed. They usually stock loose and new toys that are not so vintage. Toys dating back from the 90s can be found and they usually stock some new stuff more then the old goodies. Star Wars is rare to find and anything that is still carded are sold at astronomical prices, almost twice their original value!

So in despite of this I've gone through different sources online to find my toys. Toys sold on ebay are too pricey. They usually charge a hefty premium for being readily available. Despite this, finding a local online vintage toy shop near you is your best bet. I've only managed to find three toy store online that sells vintage toys that are graded, carded, sealed, loose, and even boxed.

Sadly I'm not here to advertise so I can't just place a link to their website. But regardless, finding an online toy store was a better way for me personally to find the goods I was looking for. I made a purchase and surely enough their shipping techniques were rock solid, with small styrofoam bubbles protecting the package while the box was labeled "fragile" all around it. I will have no problems buying from them again.

With all this comes the question "how can I know I am buying what I pay for" especially when the pictures may not be enough to identify all the dings, cracks, and tears that may be available. This is an excellent question and maybe the online retail stores are probably more then happy to identify each and every flaw that their product. I forgot to ask...

So really it comes down to your personal preference. Would you rather take your time endlessly scouring for the toy you want by comparing prices by driving from one place to another? Or would you simply be satisfied with what is quick and easy and available online? Many stores that have an online presence seem to be the best bet. Why not scour the internet for such stores? They also usually list on ebay but import charges may get in the way, so it may be better to buy from their online store directly.

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