The Bear Market of Magic The Gathering

As things seem to be cooling off from the recent price declines for Magic: The Gathering cards, many may wonder "are we at the bottom?" Even though there may be no price correlation with Wall Street's stock market, there are few who fear that there indeed is a price connection between MTG's card market and the markets of big finance.

Upon further analysis of MTG's card market, it seems that the bear market (where markets drop) has begun near July of 2018. After the initial fall of card prices around the world, other cards like Surgical Extraction soon followed...

So have we hit the bottom? That is one of the most difficult questions to answer to date. Even though cards can be bought cheaper when they initially were, much fear that prices won't return to the peaks that they have hit just months before crashing down.

Note: Others fear that with the prediction of a coming recession in Wall Street prices will only further decline.

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