No Garage Sales In Korea!! HELP!!!

As you may know by the home page, I'm Korean. Well Korean-American to be exact. I'm not going to tell you my age because I don't want to and I feel like I don't need to :S. When I was back in the United States studying to get my degree I've noticed several garage sale sign posts every now and then when I drove to and from school. Sadly no signs exist in South Korea, even though it would be nice if I started this trend. It would be nice to shop around people's belongings finding gems and hidden treasures that the owners themselves don't even know how to value.

Toy digging in Korea is impossible. No stranger will post the location of their home so you can come and dig their collection but instead they are more then willing to ship the items to you. Many people here use a blogging website called Naver to get things out there and to inform the public. People post just about anything and even though I have not yet checked them out to see if I could find some really good toy deals I sure am going to after this.

So it's a little different here in South Korea. People aren't ready to allow strangers to walk into their front yard and buy something off of them but they sure got really nice manners though.

Toy purchasing is like a normal day of shopping online or offline in South Korea. A lot of marts have a toy section filled with usually two or three long racks of toys. The selection is usually good where they keep the trendy products up and out in the open. The managers of the toy section must really need to keep up to date with what is popular among kids to know what to stock and I must say I am never disappointed with what is readily available.

There is another way to purchase toys if you are in Seoul. If you are located north of the Han River in Seoul, you must definately check out Seung Jin Toys, or 승진완구. They have lots of toys and the stores around their perimiter have a large inventory of toys that are popular among kids by nature. I visited Changshing Dong or the location of Seung Jin Toys to purchase a couple dozen BeyBlade Bursts to add to my collection and being the wholesale toy district of Seoul I am sure I got a great discount.

Toys there sell at almost the same price as Gmarket, or Korea's answer to ebay. Even though they are not an auction site, they sell almost anything and I've recently made some purchase but was a little disappointed. Some stores that sold at Gmarket ship poorly and I mean POORLY as in TERRIBLY. Without a proper box protecting the toys some of my arrivals came dented or slightly torn and when I asked for an exchange they send me one in WORSE CONDITION! As you can tell I was incredibly frustrated. I'm going to ask for a refund.

So since toys are picking up in trend all around the world people are nuts over them. Marvel seems to be gearing up to reach the whole world. I would not be surprised if America had a Marvel Superstore soon.

So America, I envy you with all your flea markets, brick and mortar auctions, garage sales, and conventions. I hope to visit San Diego to attend Comic Con one day but that's almost a too pricey of a trip to even attempt. But since some of the toys there are exclusives why not give it a try? Maybe I will maybe I won't. Maybe Comic Con can come to Korea. If you can make it happen please do, you'll be rich doing it. I guarantee it.

Located in Chanshindong
Seung Jin Toys

Toy Section at Grocery Store

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