MTG: Ultimate Masters and the Discounts Brought By It

So I've decided to take the liberty of posting some cards and listing their price here to show you what kind of deals you can be expecting ever since the release of Ultimate Masters in Magic The Gathering.

The 5 cards that I believe are worth investing in are:

1. Celestial Colonnade (Worldwake)

2. Cavern of Souls (Avacyn Restored)

3. Snapcaster Mage (Innistrad)

4. Noble Hierarch (Conflux)

5. Tarmogoyf (Future Sight)

Now the reason why I list these cards and not the Ultimate Masters edition is because these cards' prices have come down significantly. Ultimate Masters edition however will most likely increase in value in the future as the cards listed above rebound in price as well.

As of March 11, 2019, prices for these cards are as follows:

1.Celestial Colonnade : $18.50 from all time high of $80

2. Cavern of Souls : $55.99 from all time high of $92.44

3. Snapcaster Mage : $52.89 from all time high of $99.98

4. Noble Hierarch : $45.48 from all time high of $89.99

5. Tarmogoyf : $85.44 from all time high of $229.98

As mentioned earlier these are cards that have been released before Ultimate Masters reprinted them. They can be found in sets that include Worldwake, Avacyn Restored, Innistrad, Conflux, and Future Sight respectively.

Happy Hunting!

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