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Limited edition games and where to get them

The landscape of video games has undergone a significant transformation in the past decade, with digital purchases now being the norm. The benefits and drawbacks of digital versus physical libraries are subject to debate, but one clear consequence of the shift is that there are fewer physical video games available for purchase.

For gamers who value ownership, touchability, and the ability to lend or resell games, the dwindling number of physical video games can be a source of frustration. However, the limited physical game market has given rise to a new trend in special edition video games. Publishers are producing unique and high-value games, with some including hundreds of dollars worth of goodies.

As a result of this trend, third-party publishers and distributors have become increasingly popular. Limited Run Games, for example, is one such publisher that has made a name for itself since 2015 by releasing physical editions of digital games such as Bastion, Dragon's Lair Trilogy, and River City Girls.

Another popular distributor is iam8bit, which is known for its vibrant Legacy Cartridge Collection. The collection includes titles such as Aladdin, The Lion King, Mega Man X, and Street Fighter II, among others.

Fangamer is another distributor with a modest but cool selection of physical titles. While it is known for its video game apparel, it also has collector's editions of games produced by Limited Run Games, such as Hollow Knight.

Strictly Limited Games is a smaller but trustworthy distributor that has released games such as Bubble Bobble 4 Friends, Door Kickers, Necrosphere, and Raging Justice.

Finally, Signature Edition Games has an impressive library of physical releases that includes games such as Children of Morta, Dead Cells, and For the King. The company releases its physical games through pre-orders, which are then moved to the Signature Editions section of the website.

For collectors who are interested in getting into special edition video games, physical indie releases are a great place to start. These five sites, in particular, have a lot to offer, so grab those games while they're still available!

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