Here's a Few Tips From Me!!!

So where did you hide your toys?

Under the stairs? In a storage unit? Inside your cellar? Regardless of where you place them there are some precautions you should take when storing your toys.

These include factors such as:

1. Fire

2. Water

3. Dust

To begin we should focus on fire damage.

There are countries and states around the world where temperatures get crazy hot during the summer. With increasing heat comes the possibility of fire damage. The best thing to do to counter this possibility is to purchase several fire resistant/proof safes. Place your toys inside them and feel safer about storing your toys away from your own eyes. Fire resistant safes can handle large and small fires so you have no need to worry once you have them set up.

Now lets focus on water damage.

On the contrary to fire damage, water damage can occur when it is too humid inside certain locations. Water damage not only occurs during rainy seasons but humid summer weathers as well. To prevent water damage consider purchasing a dehumidifier. Place one where your toys are located and remove the water once a week at least to prevent damage to your toys. Other alternatives to dehumidifiers include silica gel bags that comes in some food packages but you can purchase them separately yourself also. Place your toys inside a large trunk or plastic container and toss in a couple bags and voila! You've got a new solution to water damage.

Dust on the other hand does not really affect toys that much.

However it is important to keep your toys well kept even if you are placing them inside fancy glass cases. To remove these dusts try an ostrich feather duster, or an aerosol duster that spews air. Either of these two methods can help you keep your toys clean. You can also get a filter machine that is sold in some retail stores that absorbs and removes dusts. Their filters however either need to be exchanged or cleaned every now and then.

Well, that's all the tips I have for you.

I hope you enjoy expanding your collections and may the toy gods be with you.

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