So, here goes nothing...

It's been aproximately 5 years since I've started getting interested in toys. First in Las Vegas while I was studying in college, and now in Seoul, Korea years later. I've managed to sell some toys on eBay but do I do it for the money? Hardly... Just having the toys around me are enough to keep me going for the day. Looking at them, dusting them, inspecting them, and sometimes playing with loose toys gives me the joy that no amount of TV and Internet can bring.

As years went by and I watched what other people were doing, and I noticed a small trend. Many people began calling themselves toy hunters and went toy shopping at their local Toys R Us or second hand toy store. Sure you may aspire to be like Jordan Hembrough from Travel Channel but they are nowhere close. Some pros do manage to go out and hit different neighborhoods finding vintage goodies that others would certainly miss. Others seem to just be satisfied with finding new stock goods on their local store's shelves. But no harm there. It is amusing to pick up what others usually ignore. Trends are made while some are destroyed this way. For example, the recent LOL Doll line seem to be picking up heat from buyers all over North America, while they still stay lucid and unpopular here in Asia. Beyblades that were once known only by a cult-like basis now remains to renown all over the world with their Burst series.

Regardless, through trends and demand comes the changing prices of these toys. It's almost certain thesedays that once a toyline cuts production of their toys, prices of those toys goes up up up. Some buyers stock huge inventories of these goodies hoping to cash in once the prices of their toys soar up an additional 100%, but picking the right toys can be a swing and a miss. Maybe that's why it's best to buy a guide of the prices of these toys and see if they are going up in value, like baseball cards.

For those other purchasers of toys who buy them for collection and play purposes I recommend Toys Amino, an app for toy collectors where they may blog, post videos, create Q&As, and the like at their own free time. Gain followers and follow others through their journey of toy collection. The number of current users is unknown but I myself have approximately 450 followers. You can search for Korean Cartel within the app to find me.

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