Cryptocurrencies and NFTs

Updated: Aug 2

If you are curious to whether our store will be using cryptocurrencies in the future, we hope so... The thing with cryptocurrencies is that their price fluctuates, and their volatile nature make it risky for businesses to handle them, especially in a bear market where everything is turning sour as of December 2021. Institutional investors have flooded the market like the Dot Com Bubble of the 90s and the 00s, and have pulled down the price of cryptocurrencies from their possible highs.

Depending on the type of token that stabilizes in price in the future, Heirlooms&Trophies will be accepting crypto as payment. Many stores have managed to start receiving Bitcoin as a form of payment and hopefully there will be an online system where indepedent store owners can too accept cryptocurrencies.

Speaking of cryptocurrencies, we certainly cannot leave out NFTs. As of now Heirlooms&Trophies are creating our own NFTs on the web and our link is as below:

To purchase these NFTs you will need a digital wallet perhaps from Metamask (, and an account in OpenSea (, the largest NFT marketplace on the web.

We hope you appreciate our work and visit often.

New contents comming out weekly!

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