Buying Low Selling High

So there are a lot of toy dealers out there. Do you ever wonder if you could become one of them? Well now with the possibility of online shopping, finding deals may have gotten way easier then before. Check out the pictures below. The first picture is the price of the Legacy Megazord listed on ebay and the link below that picture shows you an asking price of nearly $500. That's nearly a 60% return on your money. These toy deals are getting better then investing in stocks and bonds.

Regardless of this price difference there is one thing you have to keep in mind if you plan to buy on ebay and sell on Amazon and that is the monthly merchants fee on Amazon. Ebay will charge you 10% when you sell your product but Amazon's monthly charge may be cheaper if you sell alot of toys. I'm not sure what other fees they apply at Amazon but this is one heck of a deal!

There are other deals out there that you can find in conventions, toy auctions, garage sales and the like but this sure does seem like a winning method to at least try. Of course there are methods to making money in toys as well and that is to buy when they are available and hold onto them until they are no longer produced then suddenly prices seem to go up on nearly all popular toy lines. I remember buying my Legacy Megazord for $150. Now it has gone up to $300-$500. I'm not planning to sell it just yet but I believe the toy market may fluctuate its price due to the possible volatility in the current economic markets.

If you plan to make some extra money why don't you take this approach into your buying and selling business? I'm sure it could be really lucrative for you and your family/friends if they decide to participate as well. Oh and one more thing. This example here is an exception, not the norm. If you really compare prices to a bunch of other toys in ebay and Amazon you will likely find out that prices are similar. Finding a deal may not be easy but it sure is a good thing to try!

Happy Hunting!

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