BeyBlade Burst : The Rare And Elusive Black Spriggan Requiem

Have you ever heard of BeyBlades? They are a toy line of spinning tops first released in Japan in July 1999. These small customizable tops have a come long way since they were first available to the public. With the new burst feature, there are now three different win conditions in this competitive toy. There are tournaments held all around the world where people of all ages come together. Winners get to compete in the World Tournament and get to win prerelease toys that are not yet available to the public.

What makes this toy line so alluring to me is the fact that they sometimes release limited edition versions of their toys that command high prices. Some include the Golden Winning Valkyrie Layer, the Comic Book Release Ultimate Reboot Driver, and the legendary Black Spriggan Requiem.

The Black Spriggan comes in one out seventy or so boxes of the same toy so getting one is pretty tough. Already sellers are commanding prices as high as $250 for this elusive BeyBlade. Are you a BeyBlade fan? Have you ever tried finding this elusive BeyBlade? Some have succeeded and others have failed. Below is a fun and short clip by BeyBladeGeeks of YouTube in their hunt for this elusive toy. ENJOY!!!

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